Let’s Talk!! Is It Okay To Date Young Girls Between Ages 13-17?

Let’s Talk!! Is It Okay To Date Young Girls Between Ages 13-17?


Hey guys,

We are going to be having an interesting discussion today.

Nigeria for a longtime has had a culture I will call ‘bad’ and this culture is called ‘Pedophilia‘ if you are wondering what that means, Pedophilia is an act of sexually taking advantage of teenagers.

An average Nigerian man believes you are supposed to only date women younger than you and i personally understand the sense in that but the problem is some Nigerian guys mostly use this as an excuse to take advantage of young girls that will easily fall for their lies.

I have seen many cases of Nigerian guys in their 20s and 30s approaching girls between the ages 13-17 little girls in secondary schools.

Many don’t see anything wrong in this but the truth is most of these girls are just growing up, they have little experience and a childish mind, and the worst of it all is that these set of people only want to sleep with these girls and move on, these particular set of people are the ones that would find it easy to rape.

Most countries agree a person is not yet mentally capable to fully make their own decisions until they are 18 following statistics.

Me:- Personally for me I believe many things could go wrong having sex with girls that young, they could easily go crazy for you feeling you really cared about them but after they realized you are using them some of could do terrible things to you or themselves, they could easily get pregnant and get themselves an unwanted baby.


So guys 👇🏽

Do You Think Is Okay To Date Young Girls Between Ages 13 To 17?

Can You Date A 13 or 17 Year Old Girl?

We want to hear from you all with your reasons

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